About the Artist

In 2003 I was making jewellery and recovering from Breast Cancer, I had a holiday with my husband in New Zealand where I first saw glass beads being made on the West Coast of the South Island. When I returned I decided I wanted more control over the beads I was using for my Jewellery. I gathered as much information as I could from the internet, purchased my equipment, spent the next 4 years practicing and getting very addicted to making beads. Many thousands of beads later I began to sell my beads.

When I am making Glass beads I am totally engrossed and in a world of my own, beautiful colors and techniques. As with all Artists each bead is special to me, and I always want it to have a good home. Each item is unique, because I use molten glass and although I can make colors the same, it is impossible to gauge exactly how much glass attaches to the bead I am making, all decorations on the beads are made with fine stringers of glass that I pull off a different colored rod and either twist or lay on to the bead and melt in. I also hand make Murrini chunks which I melt back into the glass,I also use Silver leaf and Gold leaf with many of my beads. My glass comes from Murano Italy and Czechoslovakia unfortunately we do not make soft glass in Australia

Today, I now make a larger range of jewellery, and homewares, and I also sell single beads and buttons.

I am still as enthusiastic as I always have been, always looking for new things to make with my beads, trying new techniques, experimenting with different glass and I have built up a following of wonderful regular customers who support me.

I hope I can continue with this craft for many more years to come.